The “Day of White Bands” Being Marked in Vienna

May 31, 2015 4:45 PM

viennaThe Association “Srebrenica-Vienna-Platform Bosnia Austria” is marking the “Day of White Bands” in the center of Vienna.

It is planned that in the morning hours the women of B&H origin throw white roses into the Danube River in the memory of all innocent victims of Mauthausen, Jasenovac, Srebrenica, Prijedor, Višegrad and all other innocent victims in wars and conflicts around the world.

“After that, the members of the association will share out the leaflets and white ribbons to the citizens of Vienna in order for them to understand the meaning of the action, and in solidarity with the victims of fascist terror in 1992 to put “the white ribbon” on the hand as a reminder of more than 3.000 killed civilians”, it was announced from the Association.

The organizers recall that during the war, in 1992, the citizens of Prijedor were ordered to put “white bands” on their hands and cover their windows with white sheets so that the forces of the Republic of Srpska know who is not a Serb, who was to go to a camp, who was for liquidation, rape and who was for Tomašica-the largest mass grave in Europe since World War II.

”It is our desire that the citizens of Austria become aware of the extent to which the crime in the entire territory of B&H happened. My warning and a message to the future generations is to never forget that before the First and Second World War we had countless smaller conflicts and wars, and then the genocide of the Jews, and Jasenovac, Srebrenica, Prijedor and Višegrad. Do not spend your life fearing that the Third World War will happen, do not just sit back. Do something!”, it is the message of the President of the Association “Srebrenica-Vienna-Platform Bosnia Austria” Fahra Salihović-Hajdarević.



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