The Book Signing “Pečat Izgublejnih Radosti” Organized in Sarajevo

knjigaLast night in the framework of the Second Ramadan Book Festival which is being held from 25th July to 5th August in Sarajevo, took place the signing of the book “Pečat izgubljenih radosti”( The seal of lost joy).

The organizer, Ivana Mostarac said for the agency FENA that events such as fairs and book festivals are a great opportunity to socialize with great admires of books, but also with citizens who have less time to read.

She explained that the book consists of the efforts of 16 young people, members of the first organization of children and young people of Sarajevo, who were children at the time of the siege of Sarajevo and that is revealed through their works.

“In these memory diaries they describing how they escaped from death, and most interesting to read is how children of six or seven years old experienced that situation”, said Mostarac.

She added that a team of specialists (internists, psychologists, sociologists, social workers ) will analyze these texts for their scientific work, which will also be inserted into a single unit.

The book Pečat izgubljenih radosti” (The seal of lost joy), was presented in Sarajevo in early July.

(Source: Fena)

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