The best Artists from Seven Countries at the International Art Colony in Sarajevo

September 6, 2018 1:00 PM

The sixth International Art Colony Sarajevo, which is organized by Mirsada Baljic and the gallery “Preporod”, will gather the best artists from seven countries again this year. The colony started today at 11 a.m and it will make open painting studio from Bascarsija until September 13.

They are university professors of prominent art academies, artists with international careers: Birsen Ceken Yildirim (Turkey), Gultekin Akengin (Turkey), Tulay Deniz (Turkey), Ahmet Sinasi Isler (Turkey), Ali Duzgun (Turkey), Ugurcan Akyuz (Northern Cyprus), Semih Buyukkol (Turkey), Zuhal Arda (Turkey), Leetiv Namdagjanchivin (Mongolia), Nora Lefa (Greece), Gwen Jones (Great Britain), Sukran Zaim (Kosovo), Nermin Ceman (Montenegro).

Moreover, prominent art names from our country including Dzevad Hozo, Semsa Gavrankapetanovic, Edin Numankadic, Cazim Hadzimejlic, Adis Lukac, Ilonka Jasak and Ira Skopljak will join them.

“They will paint on the theme of ‘the Magic of BiH” from September 6 to 13, in the beautiful space of Gazi Husrev-bey’s Hanikah, since the aim of the colony is to promote the cultural and historical heritage of our homeland through the creation of new friendships.

“On the territory where eastern and western cultures overlap with diversity, we are using the opportunity to show and emphasize these values,” said organizer Mirsada Baljic.

The colony was supported by Cantonal Minister of Culture and Sports Mirvad Kuric, the Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, the Mayor of the Municipality of Stari Grad Ibrahim Hadzibajric and the Mayor of the Municipality of Hadzici Hamdo Ejubovic.



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