Ambassador of BiH in Norway urges the Diaspora to vote

May 27, 2018 9:00 AM

Ambassador of BiH to the Kingdom of Norway, Nedim Makarevic, addressed citizens of BiH in a special video, in which he tried to inform them about the upcoming elections and to animate them to vote.

Makarevic noted that he emphasized the importance of diaspora and voting in this short video and he provided guidance on how to perform it.

“It is my ambition to make the diaspora vote in the upcoming elections. Diaspora is our painful spot, because its connection to the homeland was lost immediately after the war. I can understand the frustration among these people since I am a part of the diaspora and I spent many years abroad. However, we all have to understand that BiH is a young country, that mistakes are made and that abstaining from voting will worsen the situation. The most common answer I get is ‘I have no one to vote for.’ I have a message for those people: If you do not vote, you voted for those who do not want BiH,” stated Ambassador Makarevic.

He added that the registration procedure for voting is much simpler now than it was in the early years after the war.

“It is enough now to fill in a simple form, scan the document and send it via e-mail. It is very important for our diaspora to realize that they will be really important when they start voting on the elections,” stated Ambassador Makarevic.

Take a look at the video:

(Source: FENA)





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