The 15th International Tourist Rafting on River Krivaja Announced

rafting This event made Zavidovići recognizable in recent years, and is visited by many of the participants from B&H and neighboring countries. Also, it is an event that, apart from aiming to preserve the nature, also has touristic importance since it promotes the natural beauty and the enormous tourism potential of this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rafters who have visited the rafting so far were never deprived of extreme excitement on the water. It is important to note that the river Krivaja is characterized as one of the best rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region for this type of sport and entertainment. Also, a good time and a good party are unavoidable during the rafting.

The organizer, Rafting club “Krivaja Zavidovići”, provides transportation from Zavidovići to the camp, as well as the transportation of participants and equipment down the river Krivaja. The organizer provides the subscriber cards, lunch for participants, rafting security, medical support, as well as appropriate entertainment.

rafting3Rafting camp is located in Dištica, MZ Maoča, Municipality Zavidovići. All detailed information can be obtained via the Facebook group Rafting club “Krivaja Zavidovići”.

Everyone are welcomed. Come to promote and enjoy the positive side of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was stated in invitation from the rafting club.



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