Tests carried out during the Winter Camp for Football Players in Zenica


Two days ago, a camp for the players born in 2002 was completed at the Football Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Training Camp, and today players born in 2003 gather at the same venue.

The head coach of the BH junior team, Slaven Musa, and his technical staff will have 25 players available in the next 4 days.

The previous camp was the first to test the anthropological status of the players, and this practice will continue at subsequent gatherings.

Slaven Musa says of these tests:

“In cooperation with the head of the FF BH Centre for Coach Education, prof. Munir Talovic, and his team from the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Sarajevo, for the first time, we did anthropological testing of players. This will help us, coaches, to have a better understanding of each individual’s current state, as well as what each of them needs to improve. We will do the same with the players who gather today.”

Twice a year, during the winter and summer camps, these tests will be carried out, which will allow the head coaches of BH youth teams to more easily monitor the development of the players and their progress from the fitness point of view.


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