Tesanj in Austrian Media: Bosnian Economic Miracle

August 31, 2015 10:00 AM

Tesanj cleaning

The World Bank promoted the BH city of Tesanj into becoming one of the most successful municipalities in B&H. The best environment for investments was made in Tesanj.

Unemployment, failed privatization, and the economy on its knee: these are the pictures of numerous municipalities and cities in B&H. But not in Tesanj.

In this old Bosnian city, where the first theater performance in B&H was played, the economy is booming. Just in the last two years, Tesanj increased the number of workplaces by 15%. In the last four years, exports from this municipality increased by 90% and currently amount to 350 million EUR.

2.255 enterprises are registered in Tesanj. Among 100 of the greatest companies in B&H, 23 have their headquarters stationed in this Bosnian city. Last year, the famous Financial Times named Tesanj, together with neighboring municipalities Teslic and Zepce, as the 10 best places for investments in Southeast Europe, as written in the Austrian magazine Kosmo.

(Source: nap.ba)


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