Tesanj City to become a Resource Center of Greenhouse Production in BiH

October 20, 2017 8:30 AM

The project “Increasing the income of vulnerable social groups through family agriculture” represents a project implemented by the TRA agency for the development of the Municipality of Tesanj with the support of the Czech Development Agency. The Czech development cooperation selected the abovementioned project as the most successful proposal through which was provided a grant in goods and services in the value of 445,000 EUR, during the period of three years, i.e. by the end of the year of 2019.

It was stated that the project has great importance for the Municipality of Tesanj, and the wider area as well. The TRA Agency provided placement of cultures produced in these greenhouses and thus led agricultural producers to the position of “sustainable” agricultural production, which represents a phenomenon for BiH as well as regional frameworks.

Mustafa Trepcic, the user of this project, said that he is cooperating with TRA Agency on various projects for a long time and he can say that the TRA Agency with its ARC Center for agriculture and rural development “is a reliable partner for guaranteed success”.

Sakib Sacirovic, also a project user, stated that the project that is implemented by TRA Agency, is the best of all the projects that have been implemented in our area. He is grateful to the Director of the TRA Agency and his associates, who are providing him a continuous professional support and organizing education programs for agricultural producers.

“I want to emphasize that we are working on the creation of an advisory network that gathers the best local experts in the sector of greenhouse production, with coordination of the TRA Agency and our ARC Center for agriculture and rural development,” said the Director of TRA Agency, Ismar Alagic.

In the upcoming period will be realized an Action Plan for the Development of Greenhouse Production in BiH, and representatives of all levels of government in BiH will be in the delegation that the TRA Agency will take in a visit to the “Best Practices” of greenhouse production in the Czech Republic during the year of 2017. This is one more sector in which the Municipality of Tesanj will be ranked at the very top, according to the results.

(Source: akta.ba)


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