Ten Thousand People gathered at the Opening of Aladza Mosque, no Incidents reported (Video)

Police Officers of Foca Police Administration, in cooperation with their colleagues from Trebinje, East Sarajevo, Zvornik, Doboj and Bijeljina, successfully secured a religious gathering in Foca, where the renovated Aladza mosque was opened.

Police say that about 10,000 visitors were present, as well as a large number of senior officials of the Islamic Community, BiH state organs, as well as representatives from the surrounding countries and a large number of ambassadors.

“There were no reported events of offense as well as criminal offenses within the framework of the activities of the public gathering, and everything was going on in peace and without incidents,” said the Foca Administration Police.

The Aladža mosque in Foča is a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture which was built in 1549 by Hasan Nezir, a close associate of Mimar Sinan.

It was completely destroyed in August 1992, and the works on its reconstruction officially began on October 16 this year.

The mosque will be built of tufa, a special stone will be embedded into the minbar of the Aladža mosque.

(Photo: hayat, video: klix)

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