Tegeltija: In the last Five Years, over 20,000 Citizens have officially​ left Bosnia

The session of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament began by asking parliamentary questions. MP Zukan Helez asked a question to BiH Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija.

“The question refers to the state of the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, we are losing the largest percentage of the population. The data in BiH are catastrophic. The situation is alarming. There is a strategy but it can’t help anymore. There should be an operational plan. We will become a country of the elderly, and today, when you travel through certain parts of BiH, entire settlements are completely empty,” Helez pointed out.

He added that he called on the leaders of the ruling parties to order their ministers to make a plan on how to stop the departure of the population. On this occasion, Chairman Tegeltija replied that he would submit statistical data in writing, Avaz writes.

”It is very difficult to register all those who left BiH. It is not easy to record exactly, in five years there were 20,386 official departures. This number shows that we have an average of 4,000 check-outs and departures,” Tegeltija pointed out.

Helez said that the chairman did not answer whether anything was done on this issue.

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