Team of Hairdressers in Bosnia and Herzegovina Cuts Hair to Migrants Free of Charge


Mirsad Busuladzic, a hairdresser at Revolution DC salon in Brcko, after reading an article on migrants, brought together a team of people to help them with their skills, but to help migrants as well.

“The people need help! I read an article about the situation with migrants, after which we made a team decision to come to Tuzla and give something to these people and make their day, if nothing else,” says Mirsad, who would like to start his own process the more people who would give them a little time, which is not about financial aid but about any that they are able to provide.

He sees Bosnia and Herzegovina as “our home”, and by that thought, when people are already passing our house, we should at least somehow make that stay more enjoyable and better.

“There are 3-4 volunteers, who are with them in Tuzla every day and who help them. I would like to see more people join and give them some time. I do not mean any financial assistance, “Mirsad says, wondering where other people are besides a couple of volunteers, where the state is and where are the institutions that could help them adequately – and NO ONE HELPES.

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