Taxpayers in BiH owe 225 Million Euros!

In the first seven months of 2019, officers of the Investigation Department and the Investigative Groups at the Regional Centers of the Indirect Taxation Authority, acting on the cases received, submitted to the competent prosecutor’s offices 62 reports of criminal offenses pertaining to the area of ​​indirect taxes.

According to established facts in 62 applications, it is estimated that the BiH Budget was damaged in the amount of 8,225,449.13 BAM, was confirmed for the Patria News Agency from the Indirect Taxation Authority.

Last week, SIPA officials temporarily seized cases from three legal entities and three individuals in the Sarajevo and Orasje on the grounds of suspicion of “Tax evasion or fraud” offense under Article 210 was committed damaging the Budget of BiH by 1,417,791.00 BAM.

Total debt on VAT returns in the period from 01.01.2006. to date, amounts to 456 million BAM.

This is a debt that taxpayers have reported and have not paid. VAT debt is growing steadily. The main reason for debt growth is the fact that there are debtors who have millions of debt for years.

The largest debtor in the ITA list is KJKP Gras with 30.3 million BAM, Sarajevo Brewery with 17 million BAM, Bosmal with 8.7 million BAM and BHRT with 6 million BAM.

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