Tanja Fajon: Congratulations to BiH on Submitting the Questionnaire, go bravely and worthy ahead

European Parliamentarian from Slovenia, Tanja Fajon, congratulated Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH ) yesterday on submitting a response to the European Commission’s (EC) Questionnaire.

She spoke on her Twitter profile where she expressed congratulations to our country for responding to the EC Questionnaire.

“Congratulations to BiH on submitting the Questionnaire to the President of the EC.This is an important path towards the European Union (EU), go bravely and worthy ahead,”  it is said in Tanja Fajon’s message.

For years, Fajon supports BiH on its path to the EU, with her sincere advocacy in the European Parliament.

To recall, yesterday, 14 months after receiving the Questionnaire, BiH has delivered responses and is now waiting for the next step of the EC, and it is expected for BiH to receive additional questions before obtaining the candidate status.



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