Take a look at the Super Blue Blood Moon over Sarajevo (Photo)

February 1, 2018 8:00 AM

The Super Blue Blood Moon, a triple lunar phenomenon that has not been seen in the last 36 years, appeared on the sky last night, and citizens of BiH had the opportunity to see this phenomenon on the sky above our country.

Supermoon is a phenomenon recorded when the full moon gets closer to Earth than it usually is. The phenomenon when the moon becomes reddish is called the Blood Moon, and when a full moon appears for the second time in the sky in a calendar month, we call it the Blue Moon.

Supermoon, Blood Moon, and Blue Moon appeared on the sky last night, and numerous citizens tried to record this magnificent scene.

This rare phenomenon was not visible in all parts of the world and most of the people in Europe, Africa, Central and South America missed it. However, astronomy lovers in those parts of the world had the opportunity to watch this rare phenomenon on a live video that NASA, the Virtual Telescope and the University of Western Sydney broadcasted online.

The appearance of the Blue Moon will take place two more times in the year of 2018, while we will have to wait for another Supermoon until January 2019.

(Source: El. Lj./Klix.ba)



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