Take a Look at the Collection of Old BH Banknotes and War Vouchers

April 12, 2017 9:15 AM

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] The Central Bank of BiH (CB BiH) preserves some of the most valuable copies of old banknotes that have been used on the territory of BiH through its history.

In the Central Bank are also kept vouchers from the last war that meant the difference between life and death for the people of BiH.

In the hall of the bank is exhibited the money that was used on the territory of BiH from 1929 to the present days, namely: dinars from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, dinars from the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia in 1944 and dinars of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1946, 1953 and 1963. There are also dinars of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from the period 1965 – 1991, as well as dinars from the wartime that were the issued by the National Bank of BiH and the National Bank of the RS. Here are also preserved banknotes and coins of BAM, which have been issued by the Central Bank of BiH from its existence.

The largest nominal value in this collection of banknotes has a banknote of 10 billion (ten billion) dinars that was issued in 1993 by the National Bank of the RS.

Each BAM that the CBBiH puts into circulation has full coverage in foreign reserves, as stated from this institution. According to data from the Balance sheet of CB BiH for December 2016, the coverage of monetary liabilities by the foreign reserves, or the coverage of the local currency by foreign reserves, amounts o even more than 100%, or more precisely 106.75%.

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(Source: fokus.ba)


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