Take a look at Zenica Cemetery from the Air on the Feast of All Saints (Video)


All Saints’ Day is celebrated on the 1st of November and choral prayer of the Eucharist on feast of All Saints briefly describes what is celebrated on that day: “Almighty and Eternal God, today we celebrate the merits of all the saints. We ask you: the more counsel are there, grant us the greater abundance of Your mercy.”

The liturgy of the Catholic Church shows that the 1st of November is not a sad day, a day of mourning, because everything is centered to celebration of the living that is part of the heavenly Church and to which the angels rejoice.

According to Christian belief, with death we move to eternal life, which does not mean termination of existence, but the existence in a different way, the existence of soul that God is watching, while body is waiting for the resurrection on the Last Day. This holiday, according to Catholic belief, actually celebrated living people as members of the Church of heaven, which is a companion to the traveling Church and a part of a whole.

Take a look at the Zenica cemetery Crkvice from the air on the holiday of All Saints in the VIDEO.

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