Take a Look at the 1.1 Million worth new Facility on Trebevic Mountain (video)

The City of Sarajevo begins with the construction of a new facility “Vidikovac”, the cultural gathering place of Sarajevans, from where the most beautiful view of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is seen, Sarajevo Mayor said during the press conference here.

It will be a new investment within the wider project of revival of tourist potential of Trebevic Mountain, which is realized after a very successful renovation project of Trebevic Cable Car.

As Skaka said, all the required permits are secured, and in the budget of the City of Sarajevo this year is foreseen 1.1 million BAM for construction of a facility in a well-known location.


When we started the construction of the Trebevic cable car, we said that it was the beginning of the revival of Trebevic Mountain. Then, I said Trebevic Mountain would be the biggest Sarajevo Nature Park. Today, just over 14 months after the Trebevic cable car launches, thousands of people are coming to this Olympic beauty every day. According to relevant estimates, since the launch of the cable car until today, Trebevic has visited more than a million people, of which great number of foreign tourists,Skaka said.

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