System of protection of domestic subcontractors has been introduced on the subsection Lepenica-Tarčin

January 3, 2013 9:41 AM

System to protect domestic subcontractors from possible frauds and failures was first established on the construction of subsection of the Corridor 5C Lepenice-Tarčin, where the main contractor is Turkish company “Cengiz İnşaat”.

“Cengiz İnşaat” is obliged to give monthly payments to all subcontractors with a signed statement from the subcontractor that the main contractor has made a payment under the contract.

Highways Agency of FBiH said: ”In case that the “Cengiz İnşaat” does not give a monthly payment, main investor ”Autoceste FBiH” can start the mechanism of protection and take from the main contractor the money that was not paid to subcontractors, which is a very good system for the protection of domestic subcontractors.”

CEO of a construction company ”Centrotrans Tranzit” Ismet Ahmethodžić supports this mechanism and thinks that it is a good way for better and safer work.

Ahmethodžić added ” This is great and it opens possibilities for greater cooperation without asking for bank guarantees, preconditions. I greet this mechanism.”

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