Switzerland Donated Money For Return of Migrants to their Home Country

April 1, 2013 9:53 AM

The Swiss government will donate around 960.000 KM for the voluntary return of illegal migrants to their country of origin, said in an interview for Fena Agency the Director of the Swiss Office for Cooperation to BiH Guntern Joseph.

That will be realized in the framework of the project “Voluntary Return of Irregular Migrants Who have Stopped in BiH (AVR)”, who have, according to him, been approved last year and “implementation will begin after solving administrative things’.

“During the implementation of the project will support the voluntary return of irregular migrants stationed in BiH and lend concrete assistance for their return to their homes’’, said Joseph.

Switzerland and BiH signed a memorandum on understanding on 14 April 2009, which is based on partnership on migration. This partnership is covered by a four-year strategy, which is in the interest of both countries.

“From that period until today, we hold regular dialogue on migration, which determines the strategic orientation of BiH institution proposing projects. We are implementing now this project with the Service for Foreigners Office in the Ministry of Security of BIH, because in BiH there is a huge problem with illegal migration.

His desire, he said, is to support the voluntary return of illegal migrants to their country of origin for the reasons so that it would not come to a roundabout migration, or circular migration, and that “would mean that they would places that they came from”.

At the same time they are working on strengthening state mechanisms for assisting the voluntary return via construction and consolidation of local capacities.

“Therefore, we will support the training of employees in relation to the treatment of minors, and we will also try to resolve the problems such as identification of people and translation. The problem of translation will be the topic of conversation in the framework of the project, where there would be joint initiatives in terms of translation. This will be done via the regional center Marri, and BiH is a member’’, said Joseph, among other things.

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