Suspect for the slaying of One Person and a Policeman killed in Kiseljak!

February 12, 2019 4:45 PM

Edin Gacic, a suspect for the slaying of one person and a policeman, was killed on Tuesday in Kiseljak, a city located 34 kilometers northwest from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) capital Sarajevo, commissioner of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo Mevludin Halilovic confirmed to local media.

Gacic was released from prison on July 26, 2017, after serving two-thirds of 20 years imprisonment. The letter signed by Edhem Veladzic, director of prison, reads that a measure of compulsory psychiatric treatment was imposed on Gacic.

Gacic suffers from personality disorder, a schizoid paranoid type, and “the psychiatrist has found that he is a religious fanatic who is extremely persistent in representing certain ideas and who considers the greatest sin to fail to fulfill his ideas no matter how deviant they are,” the letter continues.

Police called for public vigilance and appealed to residents to report any sightings of the suspect, adding that Gacic is armed and dangerous.



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