Supermarkets in Bosnia and Herzegovina have to pay 200,000 Euros Fines for Prices Increase


During a crisis caused by a coronavirus pandemic, market inspectors conducted a total of 243 surveillance of business entities, identified 269 violations and imposed financial penalties worth up to 433,150 BAM, said Federal Civil Protection Staff and Director of the Federal Inspection Administration Anis Ajdinovic, Avaz news portal reports.

Sanctions were imposed for raising prices, as traders did not comply with federal recommendations. During the day, the Market Inspectorate on-duty team identified seven misdemeanors with a financial burden of a total of 16,200 BAM for irresponsible traders. According to Ajdinovic, isolation measures so far expired for 20,842 people in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“These people are no longer on isolation. They contacted doctors, consulted epidemiologists, there were no changes to the clinical picture and they are no longer in isolation,” Ajdinovic said.



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