“Super Champions” of business in B&H

December 7, 2012 12:38 PM

At the 27th ceremony of the award show for the ” Best manager and best company in Bosnia and Herzegovina” for 2012, held in Banja Luka, twenty businessmen were proclaimed as best in their own profession.

Among the best are Hasan Čaušević, the managing director of ”Termoelektrana” Kakanj, Boro Kukić, the owner and director of the company ” Termo-klima” from Laktaši, and ”Protherm” Kostajnica which was proclaimed as the champion of business in the area of production of pellet boilers and dr. Anto Gajić the director of ” RITE” from Ugljevik.

The jury presided by Tomislav Antunovi proclaimed the best managers of the decade and the most successful companies managed by them.

The title of the best manager of the decade went to Nedžad Rešidbegović, the managing director of ” BH Telecom”, the most successful company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides ”BH Telecom” the title of the best manager of the decade went to Goran Bojić, the owner and managing director of the company ”Elker” Ljubija and the company ”Inving” from Prijedor, and to professor Faris Gavrankapetanović, the director of the Bureau for Health Insurance of Canton Sarajevo, who also got a special award for his long and successful management of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo.

The awards for best managers were given according to three categories: small, medium and big business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the jury paid special attention to award manager from all economy branches.

The highest awards were given to people who successfully managed their companies. Those are: Said Karalić, the owner and managing director of the company ”Kovan M.I.” from Gračanica, Dalibor Miloš, managing director of ”Unis Telekom” form Mostar, for the imporvement of technology, then to Kemal Čolak, the director of the company ”Promo montažne kuće” from Donji Vakuf for the continuity in growth and development of the company, then to Goran Vrhovac, the managing director and one of the founders of the company ”Mladegs Pak” from Prnjavor, to Abdulah Avdagić, the owner and managing director of the company ” Riva” from Tuzla, and finally to Milomir Kusmuk, the owner and managing director of the company ” Milkus” from Pale.

High awards and recognition were handed to Aca Stanišić, the director and owner of ” Stanišić” from Pale and to Doctor Haris Redžepagić, the managing director and owner of ” Apoteke Denida” Sarajevo. Special awards also went to Marin Raspudić, the managing director of ” Airpoirt Mostar” and to Mehmet Ince, the director of the world company ”Cesar’s” on the Balkans.

In the area of tourism the titles of the best manager and best company were given to doctor Dragan Bogdanić, the company ” ZTC Banja Vrućica” from Teslić, and to Maid Porobić, the director of the company ”Pannonica” from Tuzla.

The special award of the Independent Agency and its jury for the best bank and the best manager went to ” Nova banka” from Banja Luka, and their president of Administration and the managing director Milan Radović received the award for the best manager in the field of banking.


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