The Sunnyland Project expands to an additional 36.000 m²?

Investors seek a favorable business environment and a stable political situation, and it is most important to convince them that their investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is safe.

Some of them are skeptical, but 50 percent decide to reinvest. One such example is the Sunnyland company whose investors reinvested a part of the gain in building additional facilities in the form of outdoor playgrounds and ice rinks, and further expansion is also planned.

Emir Granov, one of the Sunnyland’s investors, said that this was only the first phase of the three, which implies extending hospitality and hotel facilities with recreational attractions.

“We have big plans for this area. Aside from this 19.000 m², the surface was currently taken by Sunnyland, we now own 36.000 m² that lean on this plot, “ said Granov for the site, recalling that besides Trebevic, projects are implemented at the locality of Igman.

In 2016, Sunnyland has invested around 12 million BAM, there are about 80 employees, and in the coming period, they plan even bigger investments, because much bigger projects are planned.

When it comes to the profitability of this investment, he says no one is expecting the projects to be paid immediately.

“This is a long-term investment with a long-term return, so we have so far been very satisfied with the work and responsiveness of citizens and we hope that the investment will pay off,  “ said Emir Granov.

He emphasizes that the local momentum is really important, or someone who will adequately direct a foreign investment, because we are not a simple state. “It is important to attract foreign investment, and we have had a good local team of people for that, starting with Dubos Consulting, but also local institutions that have recognized this investment, “ Granov concluded.



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