Successful Two Years behind the War Childhood Museum

January 27, 2019 10:30 AM

The War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo celebrated the second birthday on Saturday night. At the anniversary celebration, organizers said that another successful year is behind them and that in the next ones, they will have numerous projects.

The director of this museum institution, Jasminko Halilovic told Federal News Agency that the first year was very successful, and that they won the Council of Europe Museum Prize.

“In the second year, we have further developed all our activities: research, exhibitions and education. We were among the five finalists of the European Museum Academy, we expanded our activities outside BiH, we are now working in Ukraine and Lebanon,” said Halilovic.

He announced that the Museum has two important events this year, one in May when it will host the European Museum of the Year conference; and the second one will be the opening of another space that will expand the capacities of the War Museum.

“We are extremely satisfied with the impact we have. We are a small institution, but we have an important mission and feedback from the audience that this museum manages to communicate with each exhibition,” Halilovic added.

The War Childhood Museum was opened in Sarajevo in January 2017. It presents a collection of personal items, stories, audio and video testimonies, photographs, letters, drawings and other documents that illustrate the unique experience of growing up in the war.



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