Success Story: Socio-economic Empowerment of mine Victims

May 31, 2017 4:00 PM

mineAccording to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre (BH MAC), the current size of mine suspected areas in BiH is 1.091 km2 or 2.2% of the total area of BiH. Micro locations contaminated with mines and explosive ordnances directly affect the safety of 545.000 inhabitants or 15% of the total population of BiH. Due to the poor economic situation, many BiH citizens are consciously entering suspected risky areas for collecting firewood or secondary raw materials despite mined-area warning. In 2014 alone, two persons were injured during collecting secondary raw materials, while eight were injured during collecting firewood.

The Mine Victim Assistance is a comprehensive process involving both the government and the NGO sector as victims are in need of medical, psychological, social and economic assistance. The focus of Mine Victim Assistance is placed on the full socio-economic re-integration of mine victims into society.

With the aim of contributing to the socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable mine victims and their families into the society and as the support to the Mine Action Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the EU started a project “Socio-economic empowerment of mine victims and their families through provision of business trainings and employment opportunities in BiH”.

The project was financed by the EU in the amount of EUR 1 million, co-financed by the local authorities with EUR 150.000 and implemented by Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB)

BH MAC assisted the project by providing the mine victims data base updated with newly registered victims within the project. In total 128 files and medical documentation of mines victims were added to the BH MAC mine victims database after the evaluation.

The project aimed at creating employment opportunities for economically vulnerable mine victims or members of their families in 23 local communities and Brčko District through provision of business trainings and business grants for job creation.

The project used wholly innovative methods of socio–economic assistance for the most vulnerable population in BiH, by organising business trainings for mine victims and providing grants for the best business ideas and plans.



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