Students from the Yale University visited BH Company Bosnalijek

March 15, 2018 8:45 AM

Students from the Yale University (USA) visited BH company Bosnalijek Sarajevo as part of their study tour of our region.

Sales Director of Bosnalijek, Ekrem Turajlic, gave a lecture on this ocassion and noted that it is a great honour and pleasure for him to welcome the delegation and students of MBA studies from that prestigious US University for a second consecutive year.

He also added that students, as they did last year, asked numerous questions about the company, on the way it operates, how it develops and introduces new therapies, the way of placing products to the market etc. Moreover, they discussed development plans and sales of products of Bosnalijek, both in BiH and all over the world.

“Bosnalijek is a company that cooperates with numerous academic institutions in our country and worldwide and it opens its doors for visiting and practice, as well as for creating graduate, master and postgraduate thesis etc. This is our long-standing tradition that we will continue nurturing it in the future period as well. Considering the fact that students from the prestigious Yale University keep returning to Bosnalijek, we are looking forward to make this visit a tradition,” said Turajlic.

Students said that the lecture was interesting and that they are especially surprised by the fact that 67 % of employees of Bosnalijek are women, which is not so common in the US.

After Sarajevo, students will also visit Belgrade and Zagreb.



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