Students gave up the Excursion Trip to help their Friend!

May 28, 2017 4:00 PM

muhamed help friendsStudents of the First High school gave up this year’s excursion trip, and money for raised was paid to a humanitarian account for the treatment of fourteen-year-old Muhamed Talic.

For the medical treatment of a boy who has a severe illness from leukemia, students paid a total of 6,500 BAM.

“The idea came from the students themselves whose only wish is for Muhamed to return to school and continue with carefree childhood,” said director of the school, Edita Besirevic.

Teachers and students organized a great humanitarian action on Friday, where they sold artwork and other handicrafts. The bicycle race was held and all participants paid a two BAM bid for money for the treatment of Muhamed.

Muhamed is currently at a clinic in Germany where he will undertake the bone marrow surgery. It is estimated that the cost of surgery and treatment will be around 220,000 euros. The “All for Muhamed” humanitarian action was supported by numerous famous personalities, athletes, as well as numerous citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

(Source: faktor)


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