Students from Bosnia won Five Medals at International Olympics in Russia

At the International Olympics of the Metropolis, which was held from December 16 to 22 in Banja Luka Gymnasium, the students of this high school were brilliant and won five medals, confirmed Vita Malesevic, the director of the Gymnasium, for “Nezavisne“.

The competition was supposed to be held in Moscow, but this year, due to the corona virus epidemic, it was held in every metropolis that participated.

High school students measured their knowledge in chemistry, physics, mathematics and informatics, and they brought medals to the Gymnasium: Marko Jojić gold and Jovan Vuković bronze in mathematics, Marko Vučić silver and Sergej Krčmar bronze in physics and Milica Milašinović bronze in chemistry.

In the team ranking, the students of the Gymnasium won third place, while in the overall ranking among all cities, they won the 17th place, and it was represented by eight students.

Marko Jojić, a fourth-grade student at the Gymnasium, who won a gold medal in mathematics at the International Olympics of the Metropolis, told “Nezavisne” that he was very satisfied with the result and that he was proud of himself. “We worked for two days for four and a half hours.

Every day we had three tasks sorted by difficulty and I managed to solve them and win a gold medal. I participated in this and last year’s Olympics, the day before last I won bronze, and last silver, so now I have received gold as well “, Jojić emphasized.

Malešević pointed out that 33 metropolises from around the world participated in the International Olympiad of Metropolises, among which are Bucharest, Belgrade, Hong Kong, Moscow, Krakow, Istanbul, Zagreb, Sofia, Singapore and Baku.

Last year, at the International Metropolitan Olympics held in Moscow, high school students achieved a remarkable result, when they won silver and bronze in mathematics, bronze in physics and two bronze in computer science, and took third place in the team standings.

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