Students cleaned Memorial Center Potocari after the Collective Funeral

Participants of the International Youth Work Camp have cleaned the Memorial Complex in Potocari on Thursday, New Agency Paria reports.

After nearly all the guests left the complex’s space, volunteers went and picked up all the trash they found.

This activity is a practice that lasts for 14 years and is part of a summer camp, which is organized every year from 10 to 24 July.

Thanks to persistent volunteers, the area has been cleaned around the memorial where large quantities of garbage are left every year. This activity lasts for the 14th time and is also the first activity in the camp, which this year brought together a large number of volunteers from both BiH and other countries of the world.

“Since some of the participants for the first time visited Srebrenica and the Memorial Center, they had a chance to get more information about the genocide and everything that Srebrenica suffered,” said Mirela Ahmetbegovic, camp coordinator.

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