Streets of Sarajevo full of Tourists despite extreme Temperatures

August 6, 2017 10:00 AM

The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from different parts of the world, who are not bothered by these extremely high temperatures.

Thus, at the streets of Sarajevo, workshops, and stores, you can see tourists from neighboring countries, as well as from other parts of the world including China, the United States, Spain, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Arab countries.

Yesterday, as in the previous period, Ferhadija Street was full of tourists, both domestic and foreign ones. The temperatures of up to 40 °C did not prevent people from enjoying the delicacies of Sarajevo, as well as the tour of Sarajevo.

Despite the temperature of 34 °C, which was measured at 2 PM yesterday, citizens were enjoying the walk and the first day of the weekend.

The gardens of local cafes are constantly full of people who are searching for refreshing drinks. A similar weather is expected in the upcoming days as well, so we can expect that the number of tourists will be the same or similar.



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