The Story of an Actor who left the Hollywood and came to BiH

July 17, 2017 10:00 AM

Resad Strik, a Hollywood actor of Bosnian origin, married a Bosnian girl and replaced the glow of Hollywood with a private business. Today he owns a publishing and production house. He also leads the ministry – but it is not about state affairs or administration, but a coffee shop called “the ministry of ceif”.

When his father left their Bosnian home and replaced it with the Australian one in the’60’s of the last year, he probably could not even imagine that destiny would bring his son Resad back to BiH as a successful Hollywood actor.

“I lived in Perth for several years, also in Adelaide for several years, and I’ve spent most of my time on the coast in New South Wales, in a small surfer town between Newcastle and Sydney,” said Strik.

Then followed acting studies in Sydney, theater, television and then the American dream.

“Then I received an invitation to Hollywood, which I accepted. I appeared in four movies in Hollywood, I took extra acting classes, production hours, etc.,” said Strik.

“Newcastle” and “The Hills Have Eyes”, are just some of the movies behind him, and Jessica Simpson or Eva Longoria are only some of the Hollywood names that he cooperated with. He also acted in Turkish soap operas. He also learned the language during four years of his work in Turkey.

Still remains the question why did he replace the Hollywood glory with Bosnian everyday life.

“I could not feel the beauty of the month of Ramadan in Los Angeles, and Sarajevo has the best Ramadans in the world, not everyone is fasting but they respect the fast. There is such a beautiful spirit and feel in Sarajevo, on the Bascarsija. I love Bosnia more than 99 % of people here. BiH is the best place in the world for me. Someone might laugh and say go to Germany, America… I’ve seen everything and I’ve been everywhere. Bosnia is the best. You go to Germany if you want, but you will return in tears after three years. Bosnia has a soul,” concluded Strik.

(Source: Aida Hadzimusic/N1)


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