Stones from Pyramids in Visoko sold on eBay?

Visoko Pyramids stonesThe stones from the so-called Visoko pyramid appeared on the pages of the global internet-shop eBay. It is not expensive, considering that their discoverer Semir Osmanagic is stating that they are the oldest pyramids in the world, older than those known and recognized in Egypt and South America.

The most expensive piece, which the seller called “sacred rock of the Bosnian pyramids”  is offered for a total of 100 USD on eBay. It is an oblong cut stone, with six holes. The purpose of the object was not stated, but the seller offers free delivery to any part of the world. The amorphous brown mineral is listed at half the price. There are no signs of human treatment on it, and it was stated that it spreads positive energy for the price of 50 USD. For 40 USD you can get another cornerstone of the Bosnian pyramids. Except for the alleged origin,  there are no special items in the description. A white stone, reminiscent of quartz, with traces of handicraft processing, can be yours for 50 USD.

Of course, these ads are bringing several issues. First, is the origin of the stones authentic? If the items are coming from the so-called Visoko pyramid or they were found elsewhere? The second question is: Is it possible to sell these items without a valid license? If the theory of Semir Osmanagic about the existence of the Bosnian pyramids is correct, objects from Visoko should be carefully cataloged, and their exports would be specially treated. If the existence of pyramids around Visoko is not recognized, then it does not matter. Citizens from Visoko are known as capable merchants, but this seller on eBay marked Breza as his headquarters.

After all, each resourcefulness in these difficult times should be commended. Who knows? Maybe in the future we can develop an indigenous brand and export the stones from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

(Source: hayat.ba)

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