Statistics: Top 10 Paid Salaries in BiH

April 2, 2019 3:00 PM

While most citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina survive with a salary of about 600 BAM, how much the employees receive in the real sector, to some of our fellow citizens the salary level does not pose a problem.

According to data from the Statistics Agency of BiH, the average salary is around 900 BAM, but in this average, the salaries of employees in the public sector are also included.

On our inquiry of Radio Sarajevo news portal, it was stated from the Tax Administration of FBiH, that ten paid salaries in January this year are the following:

 1 – 74.638,39 BAM – accounting, auditing activities, tax consultancy;

2 – 72.680,69 BAM – banking activities;

3 – 47.963,01 BAM – production activity;

4 – 43.238,65 BAM – production activity;

5 – 41.159,67 BAM – banking activities;

6 – 37.015,79 BAM – banking activities;

7 – 34.530,01 BAM – manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations;

8 – 29,173.56 BAM – banking activities;

9 – 28.890,30 BAM – production activity;

10 – 26.890,61 BAM – wholesale trade.

“On the paid amount of wages, it is also calculated the paid taxes and contributions. The assumption is that this amount, in addition to the monthly regular salary, also includes revenues from certain bonuses or benefits realized by that person in that month,”was explained from the Tax Administration of FBiH.


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