Statistics show that Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon have less than Two Million Inhabitants

Detailed projections for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) were made in the European Commission document “Demographic and Human Capital Scenarios for the 21st Century”.

According to these projections, BiH is projected to have 1.7 million inhabitants by 2060.

The share of people over 65 in the total population will increase from 15.7 percent (2015) to 45.1 percent and the share of young people under 20 in the total number will decrease from 21.1 percent (2015) to 13.4 percent, according to BH Info Desk.

“The government at all levels should urgently introduce a state of emergency in the country and turn to solving the real problems of the citizens.”

This is a supra-political and supranational issue and everyone must be maximally involved in resolving it, because otherwise there will be fewer and fewer of us.

Pushing problems under the rug, showing the results they are not, styling the report, will only lead to the activation of the accelerated emigration scenario, which is also available in this document… “, says macroeconomic analyst Faruk Hadžić.

In 2015, BiH had 3.54 million inhabitants, and according to these projections, it will fall to 3.36 million in 2020, to 2.98 million in 2030, to 2.15 million in 2040, to 1.75 million in 2060, to 1.22 million in 2075 and to 2100.

According to these projections, BiH could have only 0.59 million inhabitants. Last year, the share of the elderly (65+) will be an incredible 76.9 percent and the share of young people under 20 a miserable five percent.

In that period, the fertility rate will increase, so in the period 2055-2060. could be 1.52 (in the period 2015-2020 it is 1.36).

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