Statistics: Number of Employed and Unemployed People in BiH

According to the official records of the Single Registration System, the number of employees in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the place of residence at the end of June was 534,631.

This number does not include persons who earn income based on work contracts, temporary and occasional jobs and copyright works.

According to the BiH Agency for Statistics, in April 2019, which was the last published data, the number of employed persons in BiH amounted to 827,121.

The number of employees in Republika Srpska is around 275,000, and in the Brcko District about 20,000 people.

The number of unemployed in BiH at the end of May was 406,685 persons, of which FBiH 308,607, RS 90,280 and Brcko District 7,798 persons, News Agency Patria reports.

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