Statistics: Foreign Direct Investment for 2016

August 16, 2017 1:00 PM

The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBiH) published statistics regarding foreign direct investment for 2016, which shows that the flow of FDI into BiH in 2016 was 536.3 million BAM or 1.8% of GDP.

289.4 million BAM was property investments, 193.5 million BAM was retained earnings, and 53.4 million BAM was influx.

Croatia invested the most (119.0 million BAM), followed by Austria (73.9 million BAM), the United Arab Emirates (66.0 million BAM), Great Britain (52.2 million BAM), and Holland (51.0 million BAM).

Most investments were destined for whole trade (148.8 million BAM), followed by financial services (139.1 million BAM), tobacco industry (67.7 million BAM), the chemical industry (49.3 million BAM), and telecommunications industry (34.2 million BAM). The total outflow of investments was the largest in the industry of coke and petroleum refinery (58.1 million BAM).

The state of direct investment also reflects the flowers in a given period, as well as other economic changes (revaluation, foreign exchange rates, etc.) and, therefore, provides additional information regarding economic flows. At the end of 2016, there was 12.96 billion BAM, of which the largest part or 68% was ownership.

A statistic regarding the outflow of foreign direct investment was released for the first time. Against all expectations, BiH residents invested 65.9 million BAM invested broad. As a result of recent foreign investment, the total amount of domestic investment abroad is 748.8 million BAM.

In accordance with the review policy, the 2016 information of the amounts of outflow and inflow of direct investments was reviewed.



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