Statistics: Export and Imports from Bosnia-Herzegovina last Year


Basic consumer goods are often the measuring unit for the import-export relationship within Bosnia- Herzegovina’s trade with other countries.  According to Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Agency for Statistics, last year, from January 1 to November 31, more than 49 million liters of milk and sour cream (unconcentrated and without added sugar or other sweeteners), worth 48 million Convertible Marks, were imported into our country. Exports amounted to 57 million Convertible Marks.

In the same period of 2018, 29.1 million BAM worth of milk of the mentioned type was imported and 52.9 million BAM was exported.

Sweetening milk (or sour cream, concentrated or with added sugar or other means) was imported worth 2.6 million Convertible Marks or about 705 thousand liters. Also, the export of these goods amounted to 189 thousand BAM.

In 2018, imports of this type of milk reached 3.7 million BAM and exported more than 260 thousand BAM.

When considering buttermilk, yoghurt and sour cream, kefir, flavored products or with added fruit, nuts or cocoa, we imported goods worth more than 19 million BAM or more than 10 million liters.

In the same product group exports amounted to 32 million BAM. During the 11 months of 2018, 18.3 million BAM worth of these goods were imported and 19.1 million BAM were exported.

When it comes to some of the most purchased fruits of the country, 19.2 thousand tons of potatoes with a total value of 16.8 million BAM were imported to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnians ate 26,000 tonnes of imported apples worth almost 10 million BAM, and 54,000 tonnes of plums and wild plums totaling 2,6 million BAM.

When it comes to our sales of these fruits abroad, we exported potatoes 2.3 million, apples 12.5 million, and plums 4.8 million BAM. In total, in 2018, we imported 95 million BAM and exported 92 million BAM, news portal reports.

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