Statistical Analysis of Coronavirus Cases in Bosnia

In BiH, 28,607 people were infected with the corona virus, 83,662 recovered, while 4,399 died as a result of the infection, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs in the Council of Ministers.

In the Federation of BiH, there are 15,901 active cases of coronavirus infection, in the Republika Srpska 12,044, and in the Brčko District 662.

In the FBiH, 57,111 people recovered, in the Republika Srpska 24,461, and in the Brcko District 2,090. In the FBiH, 2,337 people have died as a result of the coronavirus infection, 1,916 in the Republika Srpska and 146 in the Brcko District.

A total of 552,988 people were tested for the coronavirus in BiH, of which 369,822 in the FBiH, 171,474 in the Republika Srpska, and 11,692 in the Brcko District.

There are 116,668 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in BiH, of which 75,349 in FBiH, 38,421 in Republika Srpska and 2,898 in Brčko District.

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