State of Disaster declared in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Entity


During an extended session of the Federal Government, a decision was made to declare the state of emergency in the Federation of BiH. This information was confirmed for Avaz news portal from sources close to the Federal Government. The proclamation of the state of disaster is a step before to the declaration of a state of emergency.

All relevant authorities in the Federation of BiH, the Crisis Staff in the FBiH, the relevant Ministries of Health, the FBiH Public Health Institutions, the Federal and Cantonal Inspection Authorities, the health institutions are responsible for maximizing the enforcement of all restrictive and available measures to prevent the spread of coronaviruses in the territory.

Also, the Federal Government has tasked the cantonal governments in executing the orders of the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health to include all relevant cantonal ministries, which are competent to execute individual orders in the canton area, especially police officers of the cantonal police departments in cases where it is determined that prescribed protection measures are not being implemented.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina held its 4th extraordinary telephone session on Sunday, at which, on the proposal of the Bosnian Ministry of Security, the Decision on Prescribing Additional Requirements for the Entry of Foreigners into Bosnia and Herzegovina was adopted.

The Decision lays down additional conditions for the entry of foreigners into Bosnia and Herzegovina, which relate to the ban on the entry of foreigners coming from certain areas with intensive transmission of the coronavirus, and in order to prevent the spread and control of infectious diseases.

 Entry is forbidden to foreign nationals entering Bosnia and Herzegovina from areas with intensive transmission of coronavirus, and especially from: Provinces of the Peoples Republic of China (Wuhan), South Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, France, Romania, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium.  The Decision shall enter into force on the day of its adoption and shall be published in the Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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