State Champion in Horseback Riding: An Equestrian must trust his Horse 

160905083-5_mnHorses are noble and very timid animals who become very lovable and useful animals with the right approach. They give a sense of freedom, help a man stay fit and they help in treatment. Twenty-year-old Adi Hanić from Sarajevo has been professionally engaged in horseback riding for five years now and he wins many awards with these animals.

“The love for horses is a broad term. Someone loves to watch them, and someone is willing to get to know all the charm of this incredible animal. I remember my first horseback riding as if it happened yesterday. I was in the winter camp of the Equestrian Club Pegasus, riding a multi colored horse called Winnetou. That was the moment I knew what I want to do in life,” said Adi, who was 13 at the time.

During his career, Adi was riding on many horses and he prefers the Arabian ones. Although he never had a horse of his own, some of them he still bears in his heart. Although horseback riding is very relaxing, it requires physical and mental readiness.

“First and foremost, the rider must realize that he is sitting on a live being that weighs 500 kilograms and has its own brain and body, and it is not a machine. It is just a matter of time when the rider realizes what a horse is. One must take into consideration that horseback riding does not only mean riding, it is also the entire care about a horse. We must be grateful for everything that a horse gives us,” Adi said.

This twenty-year-old is also a professional horseback riding coach. Every day he coaches and rides four or five horses for one hour each. He attended many competitions and won many awards.

“I have a long competition career in remote riding and dressage riding. In remote riding I achieved several good results; two times third place, once the second place, as well as the most prestigious Best Condition award. When it comes to dressage riding, I can say I am the most successful competitor in the history of BiH. I achieved great results with some horses. I became a junior champion of BiH, then the senior champion, and I won the first Cup of BiH in dressage riding,” Adi said.

Adi says that equestrian sport is just starting to develop in BiH and that the country should invest more in it.

Research shows that one minute of horseback riding is equal to 90 independent steps. It is well known that horses have many health benefits for humans, they help children with cerebral paralysis, behavior disorders, speech disorders, and children with developmental disabilities.

Horseback riding is also great for rehabilitation, so the ancient Romans used horses for recovery of their soldiers. It is also a great body exercise because all muscles are working, but not under a lot of effort. What is the most important is that, in addition to all health benefits, horseback riding relaxes and calms your mind.


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