Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Center calls Survivors of Srebrenica Genocide to hand over Items belonging to Victims


The Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Center has issued a public invitation to survivors, families and relatives of victims of genocide in and around Srebrenica to hand over items belonging to victims of genocide to the institution in order to preserve facts and evidence of the suffering of innocent civilians.

“The Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Center is at a crucial crossroads: while the truly heroic struggle to find the remaining missing continues, this institution – which is first and foremost our property and which would not be without the immeasurable courage and sacrifice of the victims’ families – must move on to the ‘next phase’ memories,” the memorial center said.

They emphasized that it is necessary to develop the Memorial Center for the next phase in the fight for a piece of truth and their story.

The scope of this public call includes, but is not limited to: clothing and footwear that belonged to victims of genocide or surviving witnesses (in particular footwear made by hand, canned food, or canned or wrapped, personal items of victims of genocide such as watches, even firearms, personal documents, and other objects, including those found alongside victims in mass graves), then makeshift patents such as stoves, lamps, wood carts, and the like); clothing used in Srebrenica (made of parachute cloth or tent wing used for throwing food from the air in 1993), backpacks, notebooks, textbooks, toys (purchased or handmade);

Also, survivors, victims’ families and relatives can provide documents, diaries, notes, letters arrived at or sent from the enclave through the Red Cross, newspaper articles and photographs (preferably in originals, but acceptable in copy form) as well as audio and video material, audio and video recordings that tell about the life of the population of the Bosnian Central Podrinje region since the beginning of the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially during the period when the so-called Srebrenica was. UN-protected zone and in July 1995.

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