Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Republika Srpska participated in Training in the USA

Members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior (MUPRS), together with representatives of 25 countries, participated in the training on “Legal Aspects of Combating Terrorism”, conducted in Newport, USA, from March 11th to April 5th this year, organized by the Institute for international legal studies.

Entity police clarify that trainees have gained knowledge and skills in the area of ​​international war and human rights and freedoms and UN conventions dealing with terrorism.

“The special part of the training related to study of terrorist acts that occurred in the US territory, then, on the specificities of the fight against terrorism in England and France, and on the work of intelligence services and crisis management,” was stated by MUPRS.

During the training, participants visited the United Nations building, New York Naval Police, and other New York state institutions.

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