Spare Parts for Weapons from All around the World to be produced in Tesanj

September 7, 2017 10:00 AM

Together with the growing military industry, whose export last year was larger than 200 million EUR, a new company that wants to produce spare parts appeared on our market.

The company Zupcanik from Tesanj, these days received the approval of the Government of the FBiH for the introduction of the production of military industry.

This company will also produce parts that are defined as military equipment from the group of mechanical parts of the group without pyrotechnic elements and armor or protective equipment and constructions, and these include unfinished products without explosive elements.

“There is competition on the market, but with good product quality, compliance with the delivery dates and the price of the product, the company Zupcanik Ltd. Sije Tesanj can survive in the market and gain confidence. It is possible to have up to 30% lower price than the competition due to space where the company operates, but not less than the one that will enable the payment of all production costs and the minimum earnings.”

We should also mention that 13 companies that are operating within the military industry of the FBiH achieved a total of 229.7 million BAM of revenue last year. New laws were adopted so that companies involved in the production of weapons and military equipment are more competitive on the global market. Due to security reasons and the increase of terrorism in the world, BiH had to adopt a new law that will enable higher control of weapons.

Each rifle, gun, bullet … produced or imported in BiH will have to be marked in the future and all data will be included in a common registry so that every single piece of weapons and associated ammunition can be identified at any moment.

Marks must contain information that will allow investigators to determine the year and the country in which weapons and ammunition were produced, as well as a serial number.



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