Ambassador Sorensen Planted A Lime Tree at Ambassador’s Alley

March 31, 2014 2:20 PM

SORENSEN POSADIO LIPU U ALEJI AMBASADORAHead of EU Delegation in B&H/ EU Special Representative Peter Sorensen became today the 127th Ambassador who has planted a lime tree at Ambassador’s Alley.

The host of this event, the Mayor of Municipality Stari Grad Ibrahim Hadžibajrić said that he hopes that this lime tree will impact in a productive way and that B&H, with the help of Ambassador Sorensen and with its efforts, would get out of apathy, lethargy and the economic crisis.

By commenting on the large number of Ambassadors that planted lime trees at Ambassador’s Alley, Ambassador Sorensen estimated the importance for B&H to have these many friends who wish for B&H to get to the place that it belongs and that is in the EU.

“This also means the warmth and the friendship that B&H provides to us, who come here to visit B&H or to work and that means that you are a friendly society” said Ambassador Sorensen.

(Source: Fena)

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