Solemn Academy on the Occasion of BiH Armed Forces Day


The solemn academy and reception for national and international officials, members of the diplomatic corps in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), representatives of cultural, public and religious life in BiH, as well as the highest officials of the defense structures of BiH, were organized in Sarajevo on Thursday on the occasion of December 1st, 2019  – Day of Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) and the 14th anniversary of the formation of the AFBiH.

The General Staff of the AFBiH was led by the Chief of the Joint Staff of the AFBiH, Lieutenant General Senad Masovic, while other former and current highest officials of the Ministry of Defense and the AFBiH were also present.

Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH Sead Jusic said in his speech that the AFBiH in the past period have made an immense contribution to the affirmation of our country, internally and internationally.

‘’Thanks to the AFBiH and the participation of our members in international peacebuilding missions, BiH is actively contributing to global security.’’

Deputy Minister Jusic said, among other things, that ‘’the AFBiH have shown, through their efforts, dedication and professionalism, that they are an irreplaceable factor and partner to citizens and civilian structures in handling demining operations, engineering works, medical transport actions and those situations in which civilian structures could not adequately respond to natural and other disasters.’’

‘’Despite the complexity and difficulty in BiH society, we have made credible efforts to finish all the tasks that were determined by the Law on Defense of BiH as expected, thus contributing to the realization of both internal and external goals of our country.’’

In his address, he also recalled the most significant activities implemented by the AFBiH in 2019 and mentioned the directions of action and the challenges that the Ministry of Defense and the AFBiH will face in the following period.

‘’We in the Ministry of Defense of BiH and AFBiH are focused on the future and creating the basis for the successful functioning of the defense system, so we expect good cooperation, support, and full engagement of all BiH institutions in achieving the strategic goal of BiH – joining the European Union (EU) and NATO,’’ Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH Sead Jusic concluded at the end of his speech.

Military Orchestra of AFBiH together with the symphony orchestras of students of music academies from Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, orchestrated by the commander of the Military Orchestra, Colonel Tomislav Susac, and maestro Ognjen Bomostar, participated in the music part of the program, nap.ba portal reports.

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