Sofrenic: Preparations for the upcoming Matches are going in the best Order


The young national team players of Bosnia and Herzegovina did tests for the coronavirus on Wednesday morning, and one training session is scheduled for today.

Goalkeeper coach Zoran Sofrenić thinks that Wales is an unpleasant opponent:

“Preparations for the upcoming matches are going in the best order. Players who played matches for their clubs on Monday did regeneration training yesterday. Today, everyone will work at full capacity. The team is high quality and we work in a nice environment. A match with an awkward opponent awaits us and it will not be easy for us, but I believe that everything will go as it should and that we will win.”

Goalkeeper Vladan Kovačević expects a better match compared to the previous match with Wales:

“Because of the match on Monday, I only joined the team yesterday. However, I didn’t have a lot of work in the last match, so I’m rested and ready for the obligations in the U-21 national team and the meeting with Wales. It is a difficult opponent who plays in the “island” style. They are quite rude, retreating to their own half and waiting for an opportunity from the counter attack. That way they beat us in the last match. I am sure that this time we will not repeat the mistakes, that we will play better and come to victory.”

Striker Nedim Hadzic expects three points from the next match:

“First of all, I am grateful to the head coach for the invitation. I played well in the past period and I am glad to be in the national team again. We are working hard on these preparations. Our goal is to win on Friday and I hope we will achieve that.”


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