Sofra Restaurant in Idaho offers authentic Bosnian Cousine


Sofra Bosnian Grill is a family-owned and operated restaurant. Every item on the menu is made from scratch every morning.

As a refugee, Edina Delic opened this restaurant to share her passion for Bosnian culture with the Treasure Valley.

“I opened it three and a half years ago, I just wanted to show my community, my supportive community who I am,” Delic said. “We were accepted really well when we first came.”

Delic said she felt extremely welcome by Idahoans when she first came to the States over 20 years ago.

As a successful restaurant owner, she is proud of the success that she has built over the years as a refugee.

She said many of her customers love the traditional dishes she cooks, which are passed down through recipes from generation to generation.

The most popular dishes are the “burek,” rolled phyllo and the “cevapi,” a sausage sandwich.

Sofra Grill plans to expand to other parts of Idaho sometime in the next year.

Written by Erika Lee for Idaho News

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