“Smart” Bus Stop with Info Tourist Display to be installed in Banja Luka

The first “smart” bus stop with an info tourist display will be installed in the Banja Luka settlement of Lazarevo 1, at the bus turnaround near the Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Miroslav Zotovic.

“This will be the first solution of a smart bus stop in Banja Luka and it should enable access to data on bus arrivals and departures, enable charging of mobile devices, provide access to free internet, use of bike-sharing systems, as well as inform about meteorological conditions in the city,” is announced is from the City Development Agency.

This is one of 10 projects that have been selected for financing within the public call of the City and UNDP – “Banja Luka – the city of the future”, it was announced on the website of the City of Banja Luka.

In addition to this project, the City Development Agency is a partner in two other projects that have been approved for funding, namely: “Detection of dangerous conditions on roads” and “Sound traffic lights for free movement and better traffic safety”.

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