Six-year-old Nejla has a Cancer and needs our Help

Six-year-old Nejla Alibasic from Sarajevo was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer, which is the reason why she urgently needs our financial help in order to get her treatment abroad.

Her parents are not able to allocate such large sums of money for the treatment of their daughter. Nejla has already starting with her chemotherapy treatment, but the treatment has to be continued abroad in order for her health condition to improve.

All people of good will can help this six-year-old girl from Sarajevo with payments on the following account:


Bosnia Bank International,

Mirnes Alibasic.

The account for foreign currency payments: BA 391413061320633527.

Some people already started with some activities to help little Nejla. Author Dzenan Kismetovic will organize a humanitarian photo exhibition in the hall of the “Center for Culture Sport and Information Buzim” in cooperation with the humanitarian organization Pomozi.ba, on December 23.

Within the “First Independent Photo Exhibition for Nejla Alibasic”, Kismetovic decided to exhibit and sell 30 of his photographs. During the exhibition will be set up a box in which all the attendees will be able to donate their contributions.

Little Nejla is a daughter of a teacher from the Elementary School “Velesicki Heroji”, Ena Alibasic. Therefore, the members of the Council of Parents of this school started a humanitarian action with the aim to raise funds for the treatment of this little girl.

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