Six Months Imprisonment for Member of BH Border Police who accepted 20 Euros


The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced today, on 12 October 2020, a judgment in the Kenan Nikontović case, finding the accused Kenan Nikontović guilty of the commission of the criminal offense of Accepting Gifts and Other Forms of Gain under Article 217(2) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Court imposed on the accused a sentence of imprisonment for a term of 6 (six) months and confiscated from him the proceeds of crime in the amount of EUR 20.00.

The accused Kenan Nikontović has been found guilty that on 13 July 2019, at the International Border Crossing of Brod, as a police officer with the BiH Border Police, while performing the duties of border control at the entrance to BiH, during the inspection of a p.m.v. make Peugeot Partner with Dutch license plates, he demanded a gift from the driver and his wife so as to let them through to the BiH territory, despite the fact that, having completed the necessary checks, he was aware that both the vehicle and the passengers met the conditions for entry into the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Having received a 20 EUR banknote, he let them pass into the BiH territory.

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